Starting Region: Bree-land
Starting SubZone: Combe
Quest Starter: Ted Pickthorn
Quest Level: 7
Involved Zones: Bree-land
 •Chetwood North
 •Combe Lumber Camp
Cash 90c
Experience 316xp @ 11

Linked quests in the series:
Beneath the Hanging Tree
Logger's Ledger
Pickthorne's Treasure

Logger's Ledger

General Quest

Ted thinks that maybe the loggers at the lumber camp know what tree was the hanging tree. Time to talk to the man in charge.

Talk to Mason Thorne

Head east to Constable Wren, and then take the left fork. This will lead to the lumber camp and Mason Thorne.

Thorne thinks he wrote it down in his ledger, but his ledger is lost in the forest of Chetwood North.

Find the Ledger

Keep following the road east into the forest. If you stick to the road, you will come to a campfire. This is where the blackwold's hang out. One of their sergeants has the ledger. The sergeants spawn near these campfires.

Return to Mason Thorne

Collect your reward and head onto the next step. Closer to that treasure!

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