Posco's Uncle

General Quest

Posco Burrows can be found in the Combe Lumber Camp, east of Combe.
Posco's uncle Filbert went into the Chetwood North woods to speak some sense into the blackwolds, and has not yet returned. Posco is worried about him.

Talk to Filbert Burrows

Filbert can be found right on the road, not too far east of the Lumber Camp.

Filbert tell a silly story about his confrontation with the blackwolds and their taking his handkerchief. Filbert wants you to go get it. The person who took it is named Cole Sickleaf.

Bring the handkerchief to Filbert Burrows

Let's find Cole.
Head east along the road and follow it as it bends left and right. Take the left path when it forks at the campfires. You will reach a series of ruins on your left. These ruins are the Blackwold HQ. Cole Sickleaf is not in the HQ itself. Continue on the road without going into the HQ. There will be a second path branching off to the left as a second entrance to the HQ. Don't take that either.

Between the HQ and Skunkwoods farm further south, there is a ruins to the east of the road. This is where Cole spawns. At first glance it can look like part of the Blackwold HQ, but if you look more carefully from the road you can see that it does not connect to the HQ proper.

In the back of these ruins, there is a pedestal. Cole spawns up on that pedestal.

He comes back pretty often so you should not have to wait too long. Cole is aggressive, so all you can do is kill him, he should drop the handkerchief for everyone on this quest.

Return to Filbert and then Back to Posco for your Rewards.

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