Old Bauman's Farm

General Quest

Old Bauman is to the northeast of the Combe Lumber Camp.

His farm has been taken over by the Blackwolds in Chetwood North. Bauman wants his dogs (sally) chain back.

Collect Sally's Chain

Follow the road east until you get to the second Blackwold campfire. This is the campfire with the lockbox and should be visible from the first campfire.

Old Bauman's farm is DUE east of this second campfire, so you can save some time by cutting east through the woods and up the hill. The farm is on the top of the hill.

The chain you are looking for is a drop from a Blackwold Poacher. The chain seems to drop every time for everyone on the quest.

Return to Bauman for your reward.

Special thanks go out to Alluvian for providing this quest writeup!
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