Blackwold Valuables

General Quest

Constable Sageford is just east of the Milestone in Combe.

The two lockboxes recovered so far have had the initials R.F. Scribed on them. Sageford thinks that a clue might be found at Old Bauman's farm in Chetwood north. The farm was taken over by Blackwolds when they fled from the defeat at Archet.

Search for information about "R.F."

Head east to Constable Wren, then northeast through the logging camp on the road. Follow the road east until you get to the second Blackwold campfire. This is the campfire with the first lockbox and should be visible from the first campfire.

Old Bauman's farm is DUE east of this second campfire, so you can save some time by cutting east through the woods and up the hill. The farm is on the top of the hill.

The clue you need is a dropped item from a Blackwold Supervisor which spawn in the area around the farm.

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