Starting Region: Bree-land
Starting SubZone: Combe
Quest Starter: Constable Sageford
Quest Level: 8
Involved Zones:
Experience 336xp @ 11

Linked quests in the series:
Unpaid Debts
Treasure in the Web
Blackwold Valuables
Rurik Fennel, Locksmith
Blackwold Thieves

Rurik Fennel, Locksmith

General Quest

Constable Sageford is just east of the Milestone in Combe.

The Blackwold in the last quest dropped a receipt for a Rurik Fennel. Rurik is a locksmith in Combe.

Talk to Rurik Fennel

Rurik's house is in southwest Combe. He will be standing outside of his house and should be easy to find.

Rurik made the locks, but didn't know who they were for until it was too late, and then he was threatened to keep his secret.

Return to Constable Sageford

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