Blackwold Thieves

General Quest

Constable Sageford is just east of the Milestone in Combe.

Sageford remembers a Captain Applewood from his scout reports and thinks he might have the master-key.

Find Rurik's Master-key (0/1)
Applewood is in the Blackwold HQ. Head east along the road through the Combe Lumber Camp. Sticking to the road, and turning left at the forks at the campfires, you will get to a structure on your left that looks like ruins. This should be the Blackwold HQ.

Take this first entrance, the western entrance.

Head across the bridge to your left, and then onto the pedestal to the back and left. Applewood spawns on that raised platform. He has friends, so unless you are pretty confident, bring your own friends.

Applewood is at coordinates 26.4S, 44.8W

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