Starting Region: Archet
Starting SubZone: Archet
Quest Starter: Jon Brackenbrook
Quest Level: 5
Involved Zones: Archet
 •Bronwe's Folly
 •Hunting Lodge
Cash 90c
Experience 253

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Burying the Dead

Epic - Prologue Human Quest

Jon Brackenbrook in Archet asks for your help in burying some of the dead that have fallen in the defeat of Archet.

Find the Fallen

There are three soldiers you are looking for.

1) Just out of the south Archet gates, there is a farm to the southwest. In the southern part of the fenced in fields, there is a body to be buried.

2) Head towards the hunting lodge, the next body is directly to the south of it, and very nearby.

3) This body is between the Ruins of Brownesfolly and the lake to the southwest. The body is on the southwest side of the road that runs between these two landmarks.

Return to Jon for your rewards and to continue the prologue.

Special thanks go out to Alluvian for providing this quest writeup!
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