Starting Region: Bree-land
Starting SubZone: Comb and Wattle Inn, The
Quest Starter: Toradan
Quest Level: 7
Involved Zones: Bree-land
 •Chetwood North
Cash 90c
Experience 276xp @ 10

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Finding Amdir

Epic - Prologue Human Quest

Toradan in the backroom of the Comb and Wattle Inn inside Combe is concerned about Amdir. He was stabbed by a Morgul blade defending the shire and was taken by the Blackwolds in the defense of Archet.

He wants you to infiltrate the Blackwolds in order to discover where Amdir is being kept.

Talk to Constable Underhill

Underhill is outside of the Inn, and just to the south of it. He is standing in front of the building with the trainers in it.

Underhill thinks there is a Blackwold agent in town and sends you into their hideout in the Chetwood North forest to find out some information.

Search a Blackwold recruit's pack

Head east out of town on the road and take the northeast branch as you pass Constable Wren. Go through the Combe Logging Camp and stay on the road as it winds through the forest. You will eventually come to a campfire on the right side of the road. This first campsite is where the pack you are looking for is. Defeat the blackwolds nearby and search the pack.

Return to Underhill for your reward.

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