Cutleaf's Good Intentions

Epic - Prologue Human Quest

Constable Underhill has figured out that Ellie Cutleaf is involved in the Blackwolds. He wants you to go to her and try to get yourself into their organization to learn the whereabouts of Amdir.

Talk to Ellie Cutleaf

Ellie's house the the only enterable house around the lake just to the northwest of Combe. The road leads right to it.

Turns out Ellie is not recruiting after all, and just wants out of the Blackwolds. She helped breed a warg to one of their wolves. She now wants you to help undo the damage she has done by killing the den-mother.

Defeat Skunkwood's Den-Mother

Skunkwood's farm is deep in Chetwood north and can be reached a number of ways.

An easy to describe way is to follow the road to the first campfire and then take the right fork just after the first campfire, heading southeast. This road will bend left and should bring you right past the farm (farm will be on right).

You can also cut across to the farm. On the overland map, it is just south of the 'h' in 'Chetwood North'.

The Den-Mother spawns in the southeast pen behind the house. She is a level 8 normal monster.

Head back to Ellie for your rewards.

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