Starting Region: Bree-land
Starting SubZone: Combe
Quest Starter: Ellie Cutleaf
Quest Level: 8
Involved Zones: Bree-land
 •Wolf Den
Cash 90c
Experience 393xp @ 10

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Greater Responsibility

Epic - Prologue Human Quest

Ellie Cutleaf wants to stop the wolves before they are used against Combe. To do this, she wants to make a poison to kill off the wolves.

Talk to Leecher Cartwell

Collect the ingredients

Head out the southwest Combe gate. There is a house just to your left outside the gate. Behind this house there are bees nests with the honey in them.

-Red Berries
Southeast of the house with the honey, over the hill, there are some bear dens, and past them a lake. There are red berry bushes around the lake and around the bear dens.

-Blackwort Roots
These are in Chetwood North. Head east out of Combe to the Logging camp, then east into the forest. When you get to Filbert the hobbit, there is a vague trail heading north. This trail leads to the wolf den and it is covered in the plants you need.

Return to Cartwell for the poison.

Return to Ellie for the reward and the next step of the quest.

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