Critical Strike

Epic - Prologue Human Quest

Now that Ellie has her poison, she wants you to kill the wolf master Jagger Jack and to poison the wolves food source.

Defeat Jagger Jack

Poison Six Wolf Food Sources

Head east down the road out of Combe past the logging camp and into the Chetwood North woods. Follow the road, staying left at the split at the first blackwold campfire.

Soon you will see some ruins on your left. This is the Blackwold HQ. It was a western and an eastern entrance. You want to take the Eastern one for this quest. If you were following the directions above, that would be the second entrance.

When you go in, it will look like this:

If you want to head to Jagger Directly, you can take a shortcut to him and go over that crumbling wall in the center of the picture.

This is what it looks like on top of that wall. Jagger spawns in the middle of those fires.

The food sources can be found all around this eastern part of the headquarters in the form of dead sheep.

When six food sources are poisoned, and Jagger is dead, return to Ellie Cutleaf for the rewards and for the next step of the quest

Special thanks go out to Alluvian for providing this quest writeup!
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