Ailing Hound

General Quest

Longo Daegmund is in central Staddle at the well with his dog, Gar.

Gar is feeling ill and thinks that Eldo Swatmidge might be able to help.

Talk to Eldo Swatmidge

Eldo Swatmidge (31s 47.1w) is east of Staddle, the last house on the deadend road heading east towards the Midgewater Marshes.

Turns out that Gar is from Eldo's own dog, Wanetta.

Eldo thinks that fennel seeds from the marsh might help, but the neekerbreekers in the marsh eat it all.

Collect the fennel seeds 0/3

For purposes of this quest, that means that this seed does not grow ingame, but instead is an uncommon drop off neekerbreekers. Head east into the marsh and start killing. You need three seeds. The neekerbreekers can be found all over the swamp.

Return to Eldo Swatmidge

Eldo takes the seeds and makes a remedy out of them.

Bring Eldo's herbal remedy to Gar

Return to Gar/Longo to collect your rewards. Longo thinks there might be more to this sickness...

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