Starting Region: Thorin's Gate
Starting SubZone: Thorin's Gate
Quest Starter: Bogi Deepdelver, 13.8s, 103.3w
Quest Level: 6
Involved Zones: Thorin's Gate
 •Thorin's Hall
Cash 90c
Experience 29xp at level 15

Maker's Hall, The

Crafting: General Quest

Bogi deepdelver stands near the gates of Thorin's Hall. He encourages you to speak to his friend Egil Oldbeard regarding crafting.

1. Talk to Egil Oldbeard.

Enter Thorin's Hall, head north past the huge Dwarven statue (there is room to get past, I promise) and once into the next large hall, turn right (east) and walk till you reach the Maker's Hall. Egil is near the bottom of the steps.

Egil will offer all manner of advice on Middle Earth's crafting trades, and points you to the Master of Apprentices if you wish to take up a profession.

Collect 90c and experience for hearing his wisdom.

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