Starting Region: Thorin's Gate
Starting SubZone: Frerin's Court
Quest Starter: Tindr (14.9s, 103.1w)
Quest Level: 6
Involved Zones: Thorin's Gate
 •Mirkstone Tunnels
Thorin's Gate
 •Rockbelly Pit
Cash 90c
Experience 268xp at level 9

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Sprung a Leak

General Quest

Tindr, the Master Builder of Thorin's Hall, stands near Frerin's Court, below Thorin's Hall. He seeks your help in sealing a fissure that has developed in the great canal, before it becomes a serious problem.

Specifically, he needs the ingredients to make mortar for repairs.

1. Collect Gypsum (5), sand (5), stone (5)

The gypsum and stone can be collected in the Mirkstone Tunnels (14.1s, 104.9w), which lie at the head of the Axe-head Path to the west. The goblins are all gone now, leaving only peaceable cave-claws behind, so this step is very easy indeed.

The sand you need can only be gathered in the Rockbelly Pit (15.8, 101.6w), just of Winterheights near Edhelion to the southeast. When you enter the Rockbelly Pit, turn sharply to your right to find the partially hidden pile of sand. The others should all be quite visible.

If you take the quest "The Lost Tool" as well, you can take care of the cave-claws needed at the same time.

2. Return to Tindr.

You will receive 90c, experience, and an invitation to help more, with "A Patch in Time".

Special thanks go out to Brasse for providing this quest writeup!
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