Starting Region: Thorin's Gate (prequel)
Starting SubZone: Silverdeep Mine
Quest Starter: Gloin
Quest Level: 1
Involved Zones: Thorin's Gate (prequel)
 •Silverdeep Mine

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INSTANCE: Into the Silver Deep

General Quest

This is a tutorial quest, designed to familiarize yourself with the LOTRO interface, as well as introducing some of the lore of Middle Earth. It takes place many years before the time you are to explore the lands.

When you awaken as a Dwarf in Middle Earth, you will overhear a conversation between Gandalf and Thorin - listen in long enough and you will realize they are speaking of the trip to the Lonely Mountains, and Smaug... but that is none of your concern, being a youngling. Back to your own business!

In front of you stands Gloin, who wishes to speak with you.

1. Talk to Gimli

Gloin tells you of the plans for the departure of the party heading to the Lonely Mountains. Thorin wants everyone assembled for the announcement. Your task is to help Gimli gather the Dwarves who are still at work in the Silver Deep Mine.

Head north and east to find the mine, and enter. You'll find Gimli directly in front of you.

2. Speak to the miners

Gimli decides to head off through the side passage, and sends you straight ahead. Speak to the miners you encounter: Kapall, Vitnir and Monsi. They will all head out directly, as ordered.

When you come to Otur, he is fighting off a cave-claw. When he is done, have a word with him. he instructs you to get a weapon from the nearby pack on the ground (right click on it to do so). Although not a great weapon, it is significantly better than what you started with!

3. After arming yourself, speak to Otur

Equip your weapon and talk to Otur again.

4. Follow Otur

Follow Otur to find Tvister, a cantankerous Dwarf of the Dourhand clan, who is found deeper in the mine. He warns you that Tvistur is stubborn and will not come easily.

You will first come across a locked gate that Otur cannot open. He then travels down the mine to where you can see Tvistur working across a chasm.

Soon enough, you come to a cinematic sequence, where you and Otur, across a chasm, watch as Gimli tries to convince Tvistur to leave off digging near some ancient Elven ruins, which he was distinctly told not to do. To no avail of course, and as he breaks through, the rebellious Dwarf unintentionally releases a gigantic cave troll, which promptly kills him. Good riddance, I say.
Gimli runs down a side passage with the troll in hot pursuit.

Speak to Otur when the ring appears above his head.

5. Search for Gimli

Otur decides to send you off to help Gimli. Follow him back to the gate, which is now damaged. He will open it and send you off across the bridge to the other side of the chasm. Follow the logical path, which pits you against 5 cave-claws (kill them, of course!) and you will soon see Gimli, locked in battle with the gigantic Troll.

As you approach, the troll lets out a mighty road and slams the ground with his cudgel, stunning Gimli and yourself. All seems lost, until Gamdalf appears to save the day. He blasts a small hole through the cavern roof, allowing sunlight to stream in, turning the menacing troll to stone.

6. Speak to Gandalf

The wizard explains some of the longstanding troubles with the Dourhands, already alluded to by Gimli. The Dourhands coveted the great Elven relics which were hidden within their refuge of Edhelion. While the Dourhand's leader, Skorgrim, perished when the Elves caused the halls to collapse, Dwarves of his clan since that time have continued to seek the treasured relics for their own. Gandalf promises to take the matter up with Thorin.

It is now time to leave the instance.
Good luck!

Special thanks go out to Brasse for providing this quest writeup!
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