Starting Region: Thorin's Gate
Starting SubZone: Frerin's Court
Quest Starter: Tindr (14.9s, 103.1w)
Quest Level: 6
Involved Zones: Thorin's Gate
 •Thorin's Hall
Cash 42c
Experience 231xp at level 9

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Patch In Time, A

General Quest

Tindr requests your aid to patch up leaks in the great canal. He has created the mortar required from the ingredients that you previously collected.

1. Collect mortar

Easy enough, just ask him to hand it over!

2. Seal the fissures with Tindr's mortar (3)

The fissures are located deep within Thorin's Hall. Enter the Hall and head straight north past the great statue. When you get to another large hall, turn left or right for a short distance , then north to find a staircase leading down further. See the Thorin's Gate map for more detail.

The fissures are clearly visible, and surprisingly noone has raised the alarm yet - note the lazy Dwarf snoozing below one of the fissures in the picture below. Must have some Dourhand blood in him somewhere!

The game labels the leaks "Canal Wall Breach", but rest assured that these are indeed the fissures you seek. There are six in all, but you need only patch three of them. Make sure that you are close enough to be able to "use" them by right clicking.

3. Return to Tindr.

He really thinks you are something now! He gives you 42c, a hearty pat on the back, and asks if you'd like to continue helping, with "The Flow to Noglund".

Special thanks go out to Brasse for providing this quest writeup!
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