Starting Region: Thorin's Gate
Starting SubZone: Frerin's Court
Quest Starter: Tindr (14.9s, 103.1w)
Quest Level: 6
Involved Zones: Ered Luin
Cash 90c
Experience 345xp at level 9

Linked quests in the series:
Sprung a Leak
Patch In Time, A
Flow to Noglund, The
Quenching A Thirst
On to Gondamon

Flow to Noglund, The

General Quest

Tindr has had some complaints from Noglund to the south that the great canal has not been flowing properly. While he hopes that the leaks you repaired have solved the problem, he would like you to go to Noglond and talk to Geitir about the matter.

1. Talk to Geitir

Head south out of Thorin's Gate and follow the main road quite some ways. At a fork in the road, the signpost indicates to take the left path to Noglund. If you somehow get to Gondamon, you've gone WAY too far. Grab a beer and learn to navigate like a proper Dwarf!

Geitir awaits in the small outpost of Noglond (19.3a, 100.5w), and while he greets you well enough, he is less than impressed with the flow of water, in spite of the recent repairs.

Collect your 90c and experience, and decide if you'd like to carry on, with "Quenching a Thirst".

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