Starting Region: Thorin's Gate (prequel)
Starting SubZone: Berghold
Quest Starter: Bolli (15.8s, 102.5w)
Quest Level: 2
Involved Zones: Thorin's Gate (prequel)
Cash 1s 60c
Experience 83xp

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INTRO: Return from the Lonely Mountain

General Quest

This is the first quest in the Dwarven Introduction series.
After you complete the tutorial sequence, you will arrive in Berghold (part of Thorin's Gate), right in front of Bolli. Easy!

1. Talk to Dori

Bolli immediately lets you know that relations with the Dourhand Dwarves have not improved. After he fills you in, seek out Dori (15.8s 102.3w).

Dori will concur with Bolli's opinion regarding the Dourhands, and wants you to seek out training right away.
He gives you some coin and xp to get you started.

Special thanks go out to Brasse for providing this quest writeup!
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