Starting Region: Shire, The
Starting SubZone: Little Delving
Quest Starter: Alf Goodcliff (31.8s, 76.7w)
Quest Level: 5
Involved Zones:
Cash 1sp, 90cp
Experience 253

Michel Delving Craft-Fair

Crafting: General Quest

Alf is encouraging you to attend the Craft-fair, and learn more about crafting by speaking with Emerald Borings.

Reward: 1silver, 90copper, 253xp


1) Head to Michel Delving to find Emerald Borings. Alf gives these directions:

"Pass east through Little Delving, and then follow the path south into Michel Delving. Take the south-west path from the statue of Marcho and Blanco in the town centre, and pass the stables on your right. Take the next left turn to reach the Craft Fair."

(34.5s, 75.6w)

2) Speak with Emerald Borings, who tells you a bit about the crafting system, and suggests you speak with the Mistress of Apprentices. If you do wish to learn a crafting vocation, the Mistress is Blossom Proudfoot (34.6s, 75.5w).

3) After you speak with her and select "Finish Now", you get your coin reward and XP.

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