Starting Region: Thorin's Gate (prequel)
Starting SubZone: Berghold
Quest Starter: Dori (15.8s 102.3w)
Quest Level: 2
Involved Zones: Thorin's Gate (prequel)
 •Frerin's Court
Cash 90c
Experience 123xp

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INTRO: Guards of the Silver Deep

General Quest

Here we begin your involvement in the events around Thorin's Gate.

Speak to Dori and learn that Thorin had left a few dwarves at Thorin's Gate before leaving on his long journey to the Lonely Mountain. The leader of ths guards was Olin, and he was to send regular reports to King Dain.
Dori is concerned, because noone has heard from Olin in some time. He asks you to see if you can find him.

1. Talk to Olin

Olin is in the Silver Deep Guard House (15.1s 103.6w), just west of Frerin's Court. Enter the instance and discover that Olin is gravely ill. He suspects that he has been poisoned by one of the Dourhands.

Collect your coppers, and then speak to him again to begin the next phase of this quest.

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