INTRO: Dark Places

General Quest

Olin is desperately ill, poisoned by the Dourhands. He is too weak to arise from his bed, but asks if you will fetch him a cure.

1. Collect nestedelais in the Rockbelly Pit (4)

Olin asks you to collect a special sort of mushroom called "neslteldais" (typical silly Elfink name). He needs four of them in order to counteract the poison coursing through his system.

Leave the Silver Deep Guard House, and travel north, past Frerin's Court. The first right is to Berghold, while the second will lead you up the hill toward the Elven refuge of Ehdelion. Just at the top of the hill, before you can actually smell the Elves, the road branches. Take the right branch to the area known as Winterheight. The trail leads to a cleft in the mountains, which is the entry to Rockbelly Pit.

Enter and give your eyes time to get used to the darkness. You can hear a number of cave-claws scratching away in the cavern, but here is a hint: unless you really want to fight them, they are not terribly aggressive.

If you approach a cave-claw, it will make threatening motions, but if you move quickly past it, it will not give chase. They merely defend their territory. Linger too long near one, however, and you will have a fight on your hands. Fortunately, they are not very tough if you are any sort of Dwarf at all.

Follow the left wall within the cavern, and mind the edge of the pit so that you do not fall in. You will soon begin to see small clumps of nestedelais here and there in the shadows. Never mind that they are actually labelled "nestedalas" in the cavern, they are close enough! Collect one mushroom from each, and then turn around so that the wall is to your right, and follow it back to the entrance.

2. Return to Olin

You remember your way back to the Silver Deep Guard House, right? Good, good. Olin will gobble up the mushrooms and immediately begin to feel better. Pick your shirt and get ready for the next step!

Special thanks go out to Brasse for providing this quest writeup!
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