Starting Region: Thorin's Gate (prequel)
Starting SubZone: Frerin's Court
Quest Starter: Olin (inside Silver Deep Guard House, 15.1s 101.6w)
Quest Level: 3
Involved Zones: Thorin's Gate (prequel)
Cash 42c
Experience 163xp

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INTRO: Gormr's Deeds

General Quest

As he is feeling like he might live now, Olin manages to stir up some righteous indigantion at the terrbile acts of the Dourhands. He tells you that he thinks that Gormr Doursmith, Steward of the Dourhands, is responsible for the deaths of Silver Deep guards, as well as his own poisoning.

He further notes that Gormr has been seen talking with a strange red-robed man as well as goblins. That can't be good!

1. Talk to Dwalin

Well that's easy enough! By now you've probably passed Dwalin a dozen times, but just in case, he is at Frerin's Court, on the east side of the central platform, 15.0s, 103.2w.

He gives you a few coins as a reward for the information, while expressing his concern that they will need more direct evidence before taking action.

You just know this leads to another quest...

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