INTRO: Goblin Prowlers

General Quest

Speak with Dwalin to hear his musings on the dealings of goblins and Dourhands. He requires solid evidence in order to start levying accusations.

1. Search a Goblin Prowler

Dwalin wants to see if the goblins are working with the Dourhands. Now, the best way (in fact, some say the only way) to search a goblin is to kill it first, and seeing as they'd like to do the same to you, this should not present any moral dilemma.

I found it best to pick up the Auroch quests at the same time (Stocking the Larder and Frostmantle). Both of these are given out near Dwalin, in Frerin's Court.

Goblin prowlers tend to hang about to the west of the Aurochs, below Axe-head path. To get to the Aurochs fields, travel northwest from Frerin's Court, cross the frozen river and follow it to the left. Go past the pillar (where Frostmantle spawns) to find a few Goblin Prowlers lurking about.

Show one just why they won't be taking over Thorin's Gate any time soon, and collect the incriminating information from the goblin's cold, dead corpse. Kick it for good measure.

2. Return to Dwalin

You're getting the hang of this now. Dwalin is in the same place as before, in Frerin's Court.

Special thanks go out to Brasse for providing this quest writeup!
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