INTRO: Goblins in the Crags

General Quest

Dwalin has been talking things over with the Elves, and has learned that Elrohir, son of Elrond, is exploring the Mirkstone Tunnels nearby. He is trying to gather more information about the Dourhand's plans as well, and Dwalin would like you to speak to him.

1. Talk to Elrohir

The Mirkstone Tunnels are found at the top of the Axe-head Path, north-west of Frerin's Court. Logically, then, head northwest from Dwalin's location. You may wish to stop and talk with the elven lady Erynwen on the way (14.8s 103.6w), to pick up her quest "A Deadly Bloom", as the plants she seeks are along the path you will travel.

Cross the frozen river and take the path that leads up the hill. If you are hesitant about fighting large numbers of goblins, this is a good time to form a fellowship with a few others who are on this step. There are a LOT of goblins on the path, and more inside the tunnels.

When you have reached the entrance to the Mirkstone Tunnels, go on in - no point in letting goblins respawn on top of you! It is quite safe near the entrance, inside.

Are you ready? Head straight in, bearing a little to the left. You will go down a short slope. At the bottom is a t-junction, at which you will turn right (if you go left, you may run into the Goblin Chieftain instead, if you've a mind to take him on).

Follow the path straight on past a number of goblins - while they are only level 3 and 4, do not let too many attack you at once, for they are powerful in large numbers. If you are soloing, move slowly and deliberately clearing the way.

Soon you will see what can only be Elrohir in the distance, surrounded by dozens of dead Goblins. He knows his way around a sword pretty well, for an Elfink.

2. Bring the letter to Dwalin

Speak to Elrohir and collect letter he has found, penned by one Marrec. in it, he speaks of a dark master, and of returning the dead leader of the Dourhands to life.

Elrohir plans to forge ahead to a tomb where he thinks foul deeds may be afoot. He urges you to return to Dwalin with the letter, and to tell him that Elves and Dwarves must unite to drive the treacherous Dourhands from Ered Luin.

Retrace your steps back through the goblins and return to Dwalin.
You are about to embark on the final step in this adventure.

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