Top Hiding Place, The

General Quest

Rollo wants you to find Odo Pipes, who is still hiding and is supposedly one of the best hiders in the Shire.


1) Find Olo Pipes. Rollo suggests asking Polo and Daisy for hints. Polo says:

"I don't know where he's hiding, but I do know that he worked for a while stacking barrels at the Bird and Baby, just to the north. Maybe he mentioned his favourite hiding-places to someone in there?"

Daisy says:

"He really likes to climb things--trees, fences, building. If you're looking for Odo Pipes, you probably should be looking in the sky!"

The entrance to the Bird and Baby Inn is (33.4s, 75.3w). Lorgo Boffin within tells you how Odo helped him climb onto the roof when it needed patching. You will find Olo on top of the Bird and Baby Inn (33.3s, 75.4w).

2) Return to Rollo.

3) After you speak with him and select "Finish Now", you get your coin reward, XP and either Seeker's Shoes or Hider's Cloak.

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