Adelard's Chapter

General Quest

Pervinca has taken a chapter of Adelard's Yearbook of Tuckborough, and her cousin Isembard has hidden it. Pervinca wants you to speak with him and find out why he hasn't returned it yet.


1) Find and speak with Isembard Took. They can be found "near the Great Willow east of the Great Smials in Tuckborough." Leave the Great Smials, head down the road, and go left at the courtyard. You'll pass a few houses on the right, and the paved road ends. Look to the east, and you'll see a large willow tree in the middle of a pond. There you will find Isembard Took (33.6s, 70.4w).

2) After speaking with Isembard, you'll learn of his plan to get the chapter by throwing rocks at the tree. This succeeds in getting the attention of three angry bee swarms from one hive (level 8 each). You must defend Isembard and Imbert against the bees. Be wary, the bees are mean, riled up, and can drain lots of your power quickly.

3) Just when you think you've done your duty, a Mature Hill Bear and a Small Hill Bear come tearing down to chew on you. They are level 10, so it would be best if you brought a friend or two.

4) Return to Adelard.

5) After you speak with her and select "Finish Now", you will get your coin, XP and Finder of Yearbooks (shoulder armor) or 3 Mushroom Pies.

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