Starting Region: Evendim
Starting SubZone: Tyl Ruinen
Quest Starter: Humfrey Rumming (11.7s, 72w)
Quest Level: 37
Involved Zones:
Cash 20sp 30cp
Experience 3575xp at level 39

Linked quests in the series:
Burning Island, the
Rumming's Ridiculous Request
Rumming's Resolute Resolve
Rumming's Remaining Riddle
Terrible Secret of the Salamanders, The

Rumming's Ridiculous Request

General Quest

Humfrey has hidden some chests on the island; one of them has the answer to his riddle. He will give you a key, but you may only use it once. If you wish to find out what the deal is with the salamanders, you must solve his riddle.

NOTE: While this is a solo quest, I would recommend that you bring along a friend or two, which will make the continual burning of your pants from the salamanders more bearable. Brasse, a level 37 Guardian, and myself, a level 39 Hunter, conquered this quest. Also, thank you to Brasse for helping me with the wordage on this quest!


1) Solve Humfrey Rumming's riddle. Humfrey says to you:

"Fluttering shreds rent from the fabric of night; Fell shrieking beasts that shun the sun's light; Dwelling in darkness they fly hidden from sight; Clouds obscure the stars when first they take flight."

He continues:

"It's not easy, is it? Oh, no! But if you explore this island from top to bottom, and from bottom to top, you are sure to find the solution."

In addition to this place being SWARMING with level 37ish Island Salamanders (nasty critters), you will now find a number of chests. First let's talk about the chest that should pertain to the riddle, which I feel is a bat. After searching and finding a number of non-Bat chests (which I'll list after), we came across the Chest of the Bat at the very southern tip, immediately and directly south of where Humfrey stands (12.7s, 72.1w). Double-click it to insert your one-use only key and collect the Token of the Bat to bring to Humfrey.

Now then, do not open the other chests, though you will need them later. The Chest of the Hawk rests on the northwest side of the island. The Chest of the Lynx is in the woods on the south side. To the west of the Lynx one you'll find Chest of the Warg, partway up a hill. You'll see the Chest of the Drake on top of a salamander nest on the far southern part Tyl Ruinen. The Chest of the Hendroval is at the base of a huge moss-covered boulder on the southearn section of the island. On a small island lying off the southeast coast of the main island, you'll discover the Chest of the Worm. On the very eastern tip lies the Chest of the Dragon. The Chest of the Orc is on a hillside near the ruined temple of Tollobel. The southernmost offshore islet holds the Chest of the Bear.

2) Bring token of the bat to Humfrey Rumming. Humfrey continues to be coy. Or crazy.

3) After you speak with them and select "Finish Now", you get your coin reward, XP, and you will now be able to take the next quest, Rumming's Ridiculous Request.

Special thanks go out to Wren for providing this quest writeup!
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