Starting Region: Thorin's Gate
Starting SubZone: Thorin's Hall
Quest Starter: Guard-Captain Unnarr (42.06s, -3.81w)
Quest Level: 6
Involved Zones: Thorin's Gate
 •Axe-head Path
Cash 42c
Experience 289xp

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Missing Guard, The

Epic - Prologue Dwarven Quest

Guard-captain Unnarr is upset that the treasury has been left unguarded since the disappearance of Vitharr, the guard assigned to the task.

He asks you to go find out what happened to Vitharr.

1. Talk to Vitharr

Well, this implies that he is alive at least... somewhere. You are told to check near the great statue of Thorin that looks over the valley from the north-west of the main square, so off you go!

You need only travel up the Axe-head Path a short distance before you see The Arming Cave, which is a sturdy stone building. Enter and find Vitharr lying injured, in the back room.

Speak with him to learn that he's been clubbed over the head and that the treasury has been robbed. Apparently the attackers had tunneled through a caved-in passage.

You just know Unnarr will not be pleased, but...

2. Talk to Guard-captain Unnarr

He is outraged, but quickly gets back to business. He will set Vitharr and a crew to clearing the rubble of the collapsed tunnel to search for clues, but he has another task for you.

Continue on with Beyond the Cave-in.

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