Starting Region: Shire, The
Starting SubZone: Bag End
Quest Starter: Lobelia Sackville-Baggins (29.4s, 71.3w)
Quest Level: 6
Involved Zones: Shire, The
Experience 314

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Shire Unprotected, The
Foreword: An Unwanted Guest

Make Yourself Useful

Epic - Prologue Hobbit Quest

Lobelia thinks you should be spending your time killing goblins instead of running errands for the Mayor, so she sends you to talk to someone that has seen them.


1) Talk to Wilcome Tunnelly, Scary. Scary is northeast of Hobbiton. To take the safe route you'd head south from Bag End to Hobbiton, then head east past Bywater and Frogmorton, and then turn to the northern road, passing through Budgeford. Scary is at the top of the road, to the east. In the middle of the town is a large rock; you'll find Wilcome just a bit east of that (27.9s, 66.3w).

2) After you speak with him and select "Finish Now", you get XP and you will now be able to take the next quest, Pansy Tunnelly's Tale.

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