Refurbishing the Town Hole

General Quest

Fallohide needs you to check on the other assistant, who was sent on an errand that he has not returned from.


1) Talk to Griffo Boffin. Fallohide says:

Griffo lives near the centre of Needlehole. The best way to get there is to head east to Waymeet, then follow the road north and west through Rushock Bog until you reach Needlehole.

(28.1s, 76w) Griffo was attacked by evil dwarves and dropped the money. He wants you to retrieve the bag of money from their camp. He says:

Those dwarves came out of the Rushock Bog east of here, about halway to Overhill. I expect the bag is in their camp´┐Żyou'll know it by the large wooden bulwarks that protect it.

2) Collect the money bag. To find the money bag, take the road out of town and into the Rushock Bog. Follow the road, with the mountain to your north, until the road breaks away from the mountain. Hug the mountainside and you will soon see a small pond in front of you, down a hill. Keep to the left (still hugging the mountain) and head through the gate (27.9s, 73.6w). Then you will be in Pinglade. Follow the path through the fences about halfway up, where you'll find a small campfire and two tents. The money bag is right next to the fire (27.8s, 73.8w).

3) Bring the money bag to Assistant Fallohide.

4) After you speak with him and select "Finish Now", you get your coin reward, XP and Fallohide's Greatclub or Fallohide's Cape.

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