Wolf in Exile, The

General Quest

Dora is concerned that Jolly Smallburrow has come into danger with an old wolf leader, and wants you to find Jolly.


1) Take the northern road out of Waymeet. The area near Jolly is northwest of Dora's farm. The paved road continues, and two dirt paths branch off to either side of the road just before you see a series of lanterns lining the paved road. Take the dirt path to the left (30.7s, 73.3w). You will quickly see Jolly Smallburrow, with a tent and a campfire (30.7s, 73.7w).

2) Jolly will tell you about the bucket of bait he brought to lure the Scarred Wolf Leader. Then you will watch a short cinematic sequence, after which the Scarred Wolf Leader attacks. Jolly helps, though the wolf is a tough level 7. Kill it to progress your quest.

3) Head back to Dora Brownlock.

4) After you speak with her and select "Finish Now", you get your coin reward, XP and Brownlock's Blade or Jolly's Defender.

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