Starting Region: Rivendell
Starting SubZone: Hall of Fire, The
Quest Starter: Lindir (29.8s, 3.4w)
Quest Level: 36
Involved Zones: Rivendell
 •Elrond's Library
 •Rivendell Valley
Experience 1703xp at level 40

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Riddle-Seeker, The

General Quest

Now Bilbo will challenge you with a riddle, one that has never been solved. Apparently this next one involves you talking to others for clues as well.


1) Talk to Bilbo Baggins. He tells you this next riddle was written by Elrond's wife:

"The jewel of the moon
Enshrined in the water
From mother to daughter
Is given a boon.

Ships sail to the west
Forgetting all sorrow
Landfall on the morrow
The isles of the blest."

Bilbo says you should speak with Elrond for some more advice on solving it.

2) Talk to Elrond. He says to you:

"Glorfindel was present at the time these words were written...Seek him by the falling water outside my house and ask him the meaning of the old words."

Select "Continue Quest" to go to the next step.

3) Talk to Glorfindel. You'll find him outside The Last Homely House, near the waterfall--head southeast after exiting the building (30.1s, 3.1w). He says to you:

"There was a splendid white gem, a very jewel of the moon as the verse says, which long ago was hidden away in a secret vault. This is Arwen's legacy, that was meant to go to her. Even I do not know where this vault was hidden, but I am sure it could not have been far from Imladris."

4) After you select "Finish Now", you get XP and you will now be able to take the next quest, The Riddle-Master.

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