Starting Region: Shire, The
Starting SubZone: Tookland
Quest Starter: Belco Brockhouse (32.8s, 71w)
Quest Level: 9
Involved Zones: Shire, The
 •Great Willow, The
Shire, The
Cash 90cp
Experience 523

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Join the Bounders
Founding Writ, The
Shore Up the Fence

Shore Up the Fence

General Quest

Belco has coney holes in his garden and wants you to find some rocks to plug them up.


1) 1) You'll need to collect 3 flat stones, 4 small stones, and 2 large stones. They can all be found "south of Longo Burrow's farm near the big willow." Follow the east road out of Tookland until you see a large tree on your left. Then go south just a bit and you'll find lots of stones (33.4s, 70.4w).

2) After you've got your stones, return to Belco.

3) After you speak with him and select "Finish Now", you get your coin reward and XP.

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