Starting Region: Shire, The
Starting SubZone: Great Smials, The
Quest Starter: Thain Paladin Took II
Quest Level: 11
Involved Zones:
Experience 491
Item Rewards:
Selectable Rewards:
Item: FireworksFireworks
Type: Other
Slot: None
5 fireworks to set off

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End of the Matter, The

General Quest

Thain Paladin Took II begins this quest in the Great Smials in Tuckborough. It is the end of a long string of quests.

Well, you did a fine job with those fireworks.
The danger is past, it seems. You should go and tell Hyacinth what you've done, as I'm sure it will be a weight off her mind.

I suppose you should also go back to Hobbiton and tell Lobelia as well, though I don�t envy you that conversation! She has always been a harsh and abrasive hobbit.

Hyacinth Took is in Tuckborough, just west of the Great Smials.

That's some tale you tell! I wish I'd been there to see all those rockets go off at once!

Truly, I was worried about what happened to those stolen fireworks, and I'm very grateful that you were able to destroy them before they could be misused. The fact that Lobelia's fireworks won't be ready for her party is just creame on the strawberries if you take my meaning!

Now that I'm sure Lobelia will be canceling her order, I have some spare fireworks. Why don't you take them? I wish you the joy of firing them off!

The fireworks re pretty neat. You get 5 and can set them on the ground and watch them for a few seconds each.

Although Paladin Took II suggests you talk to Lobelia again, she just yells at you and does not offer any further quests.

Congratulations on finishing the quest line! Enjoy your fireworks!

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