Starting Region: Thorin's Gate
Starting SubZone: Thorin's Gate
Quest Starter: Flosi (14.1s, 103.2w)
Quest Level: 6
Involved Zones:
Cash 90c
Experience 336xp at level 8
Item Rewards:
Item: Flosi's JacketFlosi's Jacket
Type: Medium Armour
Bind on Aquire
Slot: Chest
Armour Value: 22
Durability: 65/65

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Lost Tool, The

General Quest

Flosi is an old Dwarven miner, always on the brink of discovering his big mother-lode.

When you meet him, on the stairs below Thorin's Hall, he has a problem. He has lost his mining pick within Rockbelly Pit.

1. Find Flosi's lost pick-axe
2. Defeat cave-claws in cave (0/8)

This quest is best done in conjunction with "Sprung a Leak", offered by Tindr in Frerin's Court, as you have to get some things for him in the Rockbelly pit as well.

In case you've forgotten the route since the prequel quests... travel northeast of Frerin's Court and take the second right, as if you were heading to Edhelion. At the top of the hill, look for the path that leads to the right, which brings you to Winterheight. Straight ahead after the path ends, there is a fissure in the mountain wall - Rockbelly Pit.

Enter and make your way down into the bottom of the Pit - there are no aggressive cave-claws this time around, but you do have to clear 8 of them out for Flosi, so that he can mine safely once more.
The pick is very close to the bottom, and easy to see.

If you are also collecting sand for "Sprung a Leak", make sure you get the one located just to the left of the door before you exit; it is tucked in behind some rocks and can be hard to see when you first enter the mine.

Harvest the pick and head on back to Flosi for your reward!

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