Lost Lore of Edhelion, The

General Quest

Otur (or Gailthin) advises that the ruins of Edhelion, deep within the Silver Deep mine, have been found to house some important lore, even now, years after they were collapsed.

1. Search the rubble of Edhelion for scrolls

Run to Silver Deep Mine in northeastern Thorin's Gate (14.3s, 101.7w).

Enter the mine, and let your eyes get accustomed to the dark... there are two kinds of cace-claws here... and only the "burrowing" cave-claws are aggressive. Even so, they seek only to defend their caverns, and warn people that they are readying to attack. If you run past them without pausing (get out of their aggro range), they will go back to digging and forget all about you.

Directions through Silver Deep Mine, just in case you don't remember from your encounter with the Stone Troll so long ago...

- From the entrance, go straight down the passage.
- Pass through an open doorway set in an iron fence.
- Bear left and aim for another door within an ironwork fence which leads across a bridge that spans a chasm, heading west.
- Turn left as you get off the bridge and enter another tunnel.
- You will see light shining through chinks in the cavern roof. Head toward the light, following the road around to the left through the ancient ruins, then enter another tunnel leading further westwards.
- The floor slopes up and you will pass some steps.
- Turn right at the next ruins and pass through the archway.
- Head northwest and bear left at the stone Troll.
- Enter a low-ceilinged tunnel which leads to a small room.
- You will see the rubble on the floor glowing - use the rubble (right click on it) to find the scroll.
- Retrace your steps back to the mine entrance.

2. Bring the scroll to Otur (or Gailthin).

He (or she) expresses his (or her) thanks and offers you your well-earned rewards!

Special thanks go out to Brasse for providing this quest writeup!
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