After much Brasse poking, I figured it was time to write this bio, so here we go. I make fantastic guacamole, and am a pretty decent overall cook, although that does not compare to my love for food. I can be a very good friend: considerate, empathetic, helpful, caring. I can also be amusing, entertaining, and sometimes both at once. I give meaningful hugs.

Yet none of this relates to my role here at The Brasse. My function here will be to gather and produce a tonnage of quest walk-throughs. I will ensure that Brasse's work is largely typo-free, and palatable for the general public, because, as we all know, Dwarves cannot spell. I will also edit general quest submissions, and other stuff, as needed. Between you and me, I suspect the real reason I am here is to give Brasse fodder to make fun of my virtual elfness, and that is alright by me.

Perhaps you desire some more concrete credentials. Even before I graduated college (BA in psychology, because I find people fascinating), I have been involved in the gaming industry in some fashion. First, in a retail capacity: I managed a Babbage's software store. Then I moved to the hotbed of game companies, Silicon Valley, California. I worked for a few years at Sega Channel. I had many duties there, though I did a fair bit of writing for my alter ego, PsychoCat. After Sega Channel folded, I moved onto another online venture, FireTeam. There I wrote and edited the game's newsletter, The Frontline, again as PsychoCat. No matter where I worked, or what my primary duties were, I always found myself proofreading, editing, and somehow dealing with copy. And I enjoyed it. Back in the day, I spent a year or two writing PC game reviews, previews, and the odd feature article for various now-defunct gaming sites.

Another common denominator across my professional life has been games. Console games, computer games, online games, card games, and board games, I have been mired in them for so long they are a permanent part of who I am and what I like to do. I met my husband in an old online gaming service, The Imagination Network (INN). I found a distinct and special joy in playing Asheron's Call before my first son could walk, and now I look forward to the time (close, it is!) that he and I can play together in some online world.

These days my primary role is that of feeder, nurturer, laundry-washer and hugger of two fantastic pure-blood gamers, Warren and Trevor. I tend to be a monogame-ist, meaning I find one online game that I REALLY like at a time, and play it until I have beaten all the life out of it, or it out of me. Though that will change a bit, so that I can properly bring you all the quest stuffs you need. I have spent years in Asheron's Call (Wren The Blurry was born there, and has stuck ever since. R.I.P. PsychoCat), months in Asheron's Call 2, almost two years in Star Wars Galaxies, and currently I am happily flitting about in EverQuest 2, trying to decide which of my ten characters to play on any given day.

I have decided to perch at The Brasse because I am a gamer, and have some grasp of what gamers want. I think Brasse makes the only maps I have seen that can be classified as artwork, and I am so proud to be a part of a place that shares that with others that may also appreciate it. I hope that all visitors here can come to feel a part of what we are doing, and we can provide some useful information for you.

In addition to gaming, I also have a great love of music (, which I feel can powerfully alter one's mood. I am also an avid amateur photographer with admittedly a lot to learn. I would be pleased if you would take a moment to view my photo page. You will find it here: . I appreciate honesty, so if you have comments or suggestions on how I can improve this site for you, or uh, improve myself, let 'em fly.

Lastly, here are some of my favorites:

  • Favorite color: Purple. Why aren't more cars this color? Do we not have enough white, black, silver and blue ones out there?
  • Favorite food: I actually find this question too general (as I do many 'favorite' questions---there is just TOO much stuff to like out there!), though I can narrow down my favorite fruit: blueberry.
  • Favorite household chore: Sure, no one really likes doing chores, but they don't get done by themselves. If I had to be responsible for only one, I would clean the kitchen. I actually find this therapeutic, if accompanied by some random iPoding.
  • Favorite TV show: Again it is difficult for me to pick just one. While I am a long-time Survivor fan, I would be sadder if I missed My Name Is Earl. That is the funniest show on television! I also really enjoy Top Chef, The Next Food Network Star, and Hell's Kitchen, but none of those are on the air right now.
  • Favorite temperature: 84 degrees, in the sun, with a cooling breeze.

Happy day,

Wren (Patrice)